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Event Name: Spring Fair Egg Hunt

Date: March 16, 2024

General Guidelines:

  • Event Time:

    • The egg hunt will start promptly at 10:30 AM, and participants are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start.

  • Age Divisions:

    • The egg hunt is divided into age-appropriate divisions to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

      • Pre-K and under

      • K-2nd grade

      • 3rd-5th grade 

      • 6th-8th grade

      • 9th-12th grade

  • Registration:

    • All participants must register before the event. Please provide accurate and complete information to facilitate a smooth registration process. Any on site registration will close 15 minutes prior to the start of the age division hunt.

  • Participant Wristbands:

    • Participants will receive wristbands upon registration. Wristbands must be worn throughout the event. Wristbands will indicate which age division a child is participating in.

  • No Pets Allowed:

    • For the safety of all participants, pets are not allowed at the egg hunt venue.

  • Respectful Behavior:

    • All participants and attendees are expected to treat each other with respect. Any form of bullying, harassment, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Egg Hunt Rules:

  • Collection baskets/bags:

    • Each participant will be provided with an egg basket or reusable bag upon check-in.

    • A participant may use their own basket.

  • Start Signal:

    • The egg hunt will begin with a designated start signal for each age division.

  • Limit on Eggs:

    • Participants are allowed to collect a specified number of eggs based on their age division to ensure fairness. If a participant does not collect over 15 eggs they may return to the registration table to answer trivia questions to receive more eggs (limited to 10 eggs).

  • Sharing and Fair Play:

    • Encourage sharing and fair play. Participants should avoid excessive competition and help create an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Safety Guidelines:

  • No shoving:

    • To prevent accidents, shoving is not allowed during the egg hunt. Please walk/run carefully. If shoving is reported, participants will not be able to be entered into the raffle.

    • Only parents with children under 3 or special needs may assist children during egg hunts.

  • Stay in Designated Areas:

    • Participants must stay within the designated egg hunt areas. Each division has its own area filled with eggs.

  • Emergency Exits:

    • Be aware of emergency exits and follow event staff instructions in case of an emergency.

After the Egg Hunt:

  • Egg Count and Prizes:

    • Participants will have their eggs counted, and prizes will be awarded for various categories.

  • Cleanup:

    • Please dispose of any trash in designated bins. Help keep the event area clean.

  • Feedback:

    • We value your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts on the event at the designated feedback station.

  • Photography and Media:

    • By participating, you grant DVCC permission to use photographs and media captured during the event for promotional purposes.

Weather Contingency:

  • Weather Updates:

    • Check our official website and social media for weather-related updates. The event may be postponed or canceled in case of adverse weather conditions.

Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Rodriguez at .

Thank you for joining us for this fun-filled and community-building event!

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