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DVCC Community Fridge At DV Library : Elroy Location

DVCC has partnered up with Del Valle Libraries and will be starting a free fridge at the Elroy library where  we plan to address food access in our community. Thanks to our partners and our community supporters this will allow us to give an extra help when needed. Allowing community members to give or take as needed.

Fridge Rules.png
Fridge Rules (1).png

This free fridge is/will be restocked every two weeks and kept up with by DVCC. This will allow the community to have a readily available location to receive free food when needed.

The fridge is available to the public 24/7.

Please be mindful of others and take only what you need.

*Please be wary of your surroundings, living in an unincorporated area mean more wildlife, enter with caution and report any dangerous critters to the library immediately!*

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